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Developing tech leaders for high impact and meaningful work.

We've seen how learning hard skills on their own doesn't make a material difference in a career. But new soft skills learned by themselves, struggle to be applicable.  So how do you see meaningful change in your strategic leadership abilities?


We teach deep personal leadership skills in the context of hard tech skills - together. The outcome: transformation into the strategic leader you've always wanted to be.

Free informational call.

The Process


Holistic Strategy

Create a holistic and integrated strategy using our proprietary startup and product strategy model.


Embodied Leadership

Use mind/body practices and experience executive coaching to deepen and personalize  in-class learnings.


Experiential Learning

Learn by doing so that the learning becomes  embodied and you

 learn to trust how you learn.

The Offerings


Over 3 months,

8 full days OR

3 full days + 12 weekly 

4 1:1 Coaching Sessions


See Syllabus ->

Coaching Pack

10 one hour sessions (in person or zoom) 

5-10 document reviews (Resume, jobs, OPs)


See Agreement ->

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