• How to Adapt, Not React in Times of Change


    Wed. April 29, 2020


    In these unprecedented times, how do we adapt rather than react?

    Learn how to find opportunities in a time when it seems there are little or none available. We will share structure for making decisions in any environment and how to adapt it when market factors change. Receive support and creative solutions from a panel of IT leaders

    This 1 hour workshop will help you:

    • Restructure your thinking around the current environment



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  • Making Strategic Decisions

    "To make these decisions with the teams we lead, we need a framework to structure our thinking and lead us to the best decision for the business and customer." Attendees learned how to use our framework in real life.

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  • Workshop on Product Strategic Planning

    What does it mean to have a good strategy? What does a strategic plan look like for product management? 


    How do you continually adapt your strategy as your prioritization and roadmap changes? 

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  • Making Strategic Decisions: Analysis + Intuition

    Terri Eccles, brought her framework to a workshop at Product School in Seattle. She reviewed how to structure our thinking to lead us to the best decision for the business and customer.

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  • Strategic Product Leader: Intro Course

    What does it mean to be a strategic product leader? In this one-day introductory course you'll get to experience what's standing in your way.

    Includes two 20 minutes coaching sessions before and after course.

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  • Strategic Decisions: Analysis + Intuition

    Terri Eccles, spoke at Product Inspire, a Product Management Symposium, in Seattle. She goes into how you can learn to use both the power of your brain and your gut to make the best decisions for your future.

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  • Armoire + Virago Labs Webinar

    Fashion startup Armoire and Virago Labs teamed

    up for a webinar where our founder, Terri, explained 

    the strategic analysis we use in startup strategy

    and the principles

    of embodied


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  • TechStars Startup Weekend

    Terri Eccles was an event judge, reviewing

    pitches created by

    selected teams.

    Teams had 54 hours to develop an idea,

    perfect it, and pitch it

    to the judges for


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  • Decoding Product Mgt: It's Chaos Out There

    Terri broke down all the impacts that can shift a

    PM role and how to

    identify what type of

    role you have,

    type of role you want

    and the type of PM

    role you are actually

    applying for.

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  • MVP:

    You're Doing It Wrong

    Minimum Viable Product is one of the simplest ideas to grasp and one of the hardest to implement. We teach the difference between what is an MVP & how meeting basic requirements isn't

    an MVP.

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  • Advocating for Product Management

    We think Product Management is a critically important role for doing what is right for our customers and businesses. Learn how overlapping responsibilities can lead to conflict over who truly owns the strategy.

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  • Strategy with Purpose: Build Better Products

    Customer-back. Check. Data-driven. Check. But what if there is something else that is needed for a great product strategy? In this two-hour workshop learn how a clear purpose and mission are essential to your core product strategy.

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