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Blog Launch!

Hello World - We’re launching a blog!

You may be wondering, “Why would you launch a blog? Isn’t it 2019?”

The short answer is, we’re conducting an experiment. We want to connect with our community more, but feel limited in our current social media avenues.

We want a place to dive deeper into our beliefs, our advice, and the changing landscape that is strategic leadership and product management.

So to start, what do we believe?

1. To build a better world, we need strategy that:

- Does right by the customer (desirability)

- And right by the environment and employees (sustainability)

- In a way that grows the businesses (viability)

- And utilizes and creates the best available technology (feasibility)

2. Companies cannot do this alone.

They need you to be part of the strategic power and planning of the organization.

3. Product Management creates strategic empowerment.

Product management empowers specialists at all levels of the organization to come together to help their companies solve their most complex problems and capture their biggest opportunities.

4. The face of product leadership needs to change.

Product Management needs to be more inclusive because the problems businesses face and the customers businesses serve are diverse.

5. Everyone is capable of being a Strategic Product Leader.

Organizations need to provide the space, support, training and opportunities to make that possible.

6. You learn by doing - not by listening.

We believe in developing strategic product leaders through hands-on experiential training, action-based coaching, and collaborative strategic consulting. All our methods of training, coaching, and consulting empower you from day 1.

We look forward to helping and supporting you. Let us know what you think of our beliefs here! New posts will be released each month, so stay tuned!

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