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"Anyone who has ever owned their own business or looked for a job knows they have to ask for help....trying to do anything all by yourself is a recipe for failure."


Storytelling, hot air, and deception


The ship Executives, entrepreneurs, and strategic product leaders need to tell effective stories.

Terri Teaching Strategy.jpg

Teaching Product Management

Read Terri's thoughts on what the process is like for an intensive one week

course at General Assembly, at their location in

downtown Seattle.


Is your life busy or full? It matters...

"The difference though between my full life of today and my busy life of the past, is that my full-life is intentional and inline with my passions and purpose."


Body of Innovation

Part 1

Part 1 of Terri's two-part article dives into defining what a busy body (not innovative) and what an innovative body look like.


Hard Decisions: Gut v Brain

Join Armoire and Terri Eccles for this 45-minute webinar to learn how you can use both the power of your brain and your gut to make the best decisions for your future.   


You don't need an MBA to be a PM

The best product managers I ever hired did not have MBAs. They had a zeal for learning, a rigor for self-development, and could think critically and creatively. 


You Do New:

A Guide

Terri writes about the steps one goes through when doing something new. From excitement to fear, we all go through these steps.


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