The Virago Labs Story

Helping you change the world,

one company, product,

and team at a time.

Our Beliefs

  • With the right support every person

    and team is capable of 

    Strategic Product Leadership.

  • It’s our human skills (aka: soft) that are required to create ground-breaking strategy, teams, & products.

  • Product needs to be more inclusive because the problems they face and the people they serve are diverse.

  • We build sustainable technology and businesses that are good for the people and the planet.

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Our Founder

Terri Eccles is our owner, head consultant, instructor, and coach.

She found product management early and built a career on adapting, 
learning and thinking critically and creatively.

She was Director of Digital Product at Capital One and the Director of 
Digital Web at Premera, leading large cross-functional teams building 
disruptive products in highly complex industries.


She loves bringing people together to reimagine and build products that are deeply impactful on people’s lives. 

Our Founding

Planning to take a short break from corporate, Terri worked with startups,  got certified as a coach, and taught product at General Assembly. 

She realized regardless of company size, the same set of skills were required to lead teams to create compelling strategy.

She saw a gap. Lots of people were consulting on product, strategy, and leadership but no one was doing it together - especially not for complex industries (finance, healthcare, government) where it was needed most.


Virago Labs was born.

Rosie Joins

Rosie Olaivar joined Virago Labs in the summer of 2018 to help with a 
large startup client and the development of Virago’s first course. 

Her passion for design and tech support her dual role as Product Analyst 
and User Experience Designer. 

Her work brings together her degree in anthropology, her experience 
teaching english overseas, and her software engineering studies.


She uses her past teaching experience to help Virago design experiential 
and evolving curriculum.

Virago Today

With our eye on our mission, we continue to adapt, learn, and grow with 
our customers.

We find we attract leaders with fire and a hunger to make a difference.


We establish long-term, trusting partnerships with the teams we work for.


Underlying all of our services are tested frameworks that integrate all of 
our strategy & leadership learnings with industry best practices.

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Our Name

Virago means a woman warrior with a courageous nature.


We believe to be a change-maker requires a warrior spirit.


We encourage a Lab perspective because a lab is a place for 
exploring and learning.

Strategic Product Leadership is the name we use for our services 
and social media handles. 

Got that warrior spirit?

Past Events

  • Featured Event

    Girl Geek Dinner

    Adapting Instead

    of Reacting

    In these unprecedented times, how do we adapt rather than react?

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  • Featured Event

    Women In Product

    Strategic Planning


    What does it mean to have an adaptive strategy?  

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  • Product School

    Making Strategic Decisions

    "To make these decisions with the teams we lead, we need a framework to structure our ideas & lead us to the best decision"

  • General Assembly


    with Purpose

    Customer-back? Check. Data driven? Check. What if there is something else that is needed for great product strategy?

  • Product Management Community

    Advocating for

    Product Management

    "To make these decisions with the teams we lead, we need a framework to structure our ideas & lead us to the best decision"


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  • You Don't Need an MBA

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    The best product managers I ever hired did not have MBAs.

    They had a zeal for learning, a rigor for self-development, and could think critically and


Go on. Keep changing the game.

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